About FCCG

FCCG constitution

Click here to read the FCCG Constitution (.doc), which was approved in March 2009.

FCCG aims and objectives

  • Assist Reading Borough Council to achieve its aims for Caversham Court as a historic garden by encouraging public interest and involvement.  
  • Seek to ensure that the peaceful character of Caversham Court is preserved and to protect its fabric, its plants and its wildlife for all to enjoy.
  • Raise awareness of the history and importance of Caversham Court.
  • Foster the educational focus of Caversham Court and the Thames.
  • Seek to ensure that the use of Caversham Court is in keeping with its character as a historic garden, and that the needs of all sections of the community are taken into account.
  • Raise funds for particular projects or events within Caversham Court for the benefit of the community.
  • Encourage those Friends who wish to play a more active part to volunteer and develop their skills. 
FCCG activities.

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