EVENTS (see new entry, CHRISTMAS TREE SALE on 4 December, details below)

HALLOWEEN (30 and 31 October)

The Friends participated in the Caversham Halloween Trail on the last Saturday and Sunday of October. Many families visited the gardens to seek a fantastic array of spooky characters lurking in the gardens. The imaginative models were the work of The Friends Treasurer, Hester Casey, who is a textile artist. They were produced from re-used and recycled material.

A steady stream of adults and children visited after early rain on both days. Much fun was had seeking the spooky characters - the mad monk in his cell in the vault, bats in the vinery roof, spiders dangling from a fir tree and a spectacular but ghostly white figure peering out of the tall yew hedge, his hands ready to grab any unsuspecting visitor strolling along the Long Walk. Children especially liked visiting the witches cavern in the Undercroft and were properly spooked by three ghostly sisters high in a riverside tree. No doubt many were pleased to find safe refuge at the Tea Kiosk where kiosk volunteers were cheerfully dispensing hot drinks and cakes. Children were equally relieved to leave before nightfall to escape the threat at dusk of fluttering bats, evil crows and creepy spiders.

A short video of the trail can be found at

CHRISTMAS TREE SALE (Saturday 4 December, 9.30 to 12.00)

Econet will be in the gardens between 9.30 and 12.00) to sell Christmas trees and decorations. There will also be stalls featuring ideas for gifts and the Waltham St Lawrence Band will join us to play between 10.00 and 11.00. Join us for a festive morning at Caversham Court.